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Wavy Entertainment is one of the top-rated recording studios in AtlantaWith 250 5-star reviews, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We take pride in our audio production services and provide high-quality studio time. Our passion is to give musicians a safe environment to create music.

We offer high-quality studio time with our professional audio engineers, mix and mastering to have you ready for the radio, and even help in the creative process while recording your song.

Our music studios in Atlanta can be your next home. You can call us at 678.221.4101. If we don't pick up, it's most likely because we are in the studio! Send us a text and we will get back to you asap.

  • What services do you offer?
    For audio, we offer recording time (booking recording time comes with an audio engineer to record and assistant in creativity) and mix and mastering (these are effects that make the song sound really good. For visuals, we offer video production (such as music videos & interviews), photography, & graphic design (for song covers).
  • What are your prices?
    Recording Time: $40/HR | 2HR min. Mix & Master: $60 For visuals: It depends on the project. Call for more info.
  • How do I book?
    1. Go to 2. Pick a date & time that is available on the schedule 3. Make a payment. We ONLY take card and you must book before arriving. You will get a confirmation automatic email & text 4. Arrive at our studio for the time you book & meet Kidd (our lead engineer), 5. Make sure you bring your card and ID to verify your payment. After that, it's time to make some magic & have fun!
  • Is everybody welcome at the studio?
    Of course! Everybody is welcome to come record at our studio. We invite all genres, genders, and are excited to meet you.
  • How do you send the songs after the studio session is over?
    We usually just send them via email but we can also put them on your flashdrive and/or airdrop them to you.
  • Who will be in the studio session?
    Just the audio engineer & whoever you bring! We are a private studio to make sure you are 100% comfortable.
  • How many guests can I bring?
    There is no limit, but it is a smaller studio space so usually max 5. As much as you want to bring all your friends and have a party-like atmosphere, we usually recommend less so you can focus as an artist. You're paying your hard-earner money. Make sure you maximize your time :D

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